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Selecting the best trains - Train Between Stations

Say, you live in Delhi and wish to go Shimla. Now you need to know how many trains go from Delhi to Shimla so that you can choose the one most convenient with your timings. Enter Train Between Stations. It tells you all the trains running between two stations you submit. It could be Delhi to Shimla, or Mumbai to Kodai - you choose.

Because sometimes, train-timings are inconvenient. It could be train could be leaving for Shimla at 5 in the morning, and you wouldn't sacrifice your sleep. Or it could be that train leaves really late at night. Whatever your reason for looking for another train, train between stations is what you need.

How to find all Train Between Stations

Most people look for IRCTC for their every train need. But IRCTC's website is complicated. So we built something that could handle your "train problems" with ease: In a cyan color, you get simple nine services, covering all your needs. Here's how to check train between stations, step-by-step:

  • Open : Open are all amazing website. Or simply click this link, and go straight to the 2nd step. As you get onto our site, you'll be in company of 9 options. Click the 8th icon that says, "Train Between Stations"
  • Choose the stations: Going through the first step (or clicking that link), you'll find a form. The first two fields are your stations. Planning to go Mumbai to Goa? Insert Mumbai in the first field and Goa in the second. When you enter Mumbai, you'll find a drop down menu with all Mumbai stations. Click the station you wish to catch the train from. Do the same with Goa.
  • Select the date (and class): You're not going to catch a train right now! So, select the date of your journey on the 3rd field. And how are you willing to go? You can choose anywhere between "AC 1st Class" to "Sleeper Class." That's it - click Submit.
  • Choose your train: You'll get a list of trains running between stations you wrote. There'll usually be more than 3 trains. Each train takes up a row - detailing it's departure time and arrival. Choose the best train according to your timings.

So the next time you plan to go somewhere, and the train is at 5o'clock in the morning - you'll have an option for a different train.

If you've anymore problems with trains (like all of us do). Check out our Super-Guide to trains. From PNR number to finding cancelled trains, we've covered all your problems. What's even better is they're not technical and boring.