's Super-Guide About Trains

First train to last, our Super Guide about Trains covers all. Today we have 14,000 trains covering India. Train fares, Train Cancellation, PNR Status - all these features confuse lot of people. There is single guide for all confusions related to travelling on trains. So, we at created a Super Guide for you.

Introduction to our Super-Guide

The first trains were not meant for common people. In fact, no trains were for common people till India's independence in 1947. Trains didn't even have toilets back then. We've come a long way. Almost 12 lakh people visit IRCTC everyday! But our troubles increased too. What is a WL/RAC Ticket? Or a PNR Number? Ugh... railway is confusing! Below are all your confusions - solved.

They all seem confusing ! But don't worry, we'll explain one at a time. And please, you don't have to read all of it. Scroll to the topic you're interested in. Read that!

  • PNR Number & WL/RAC tickets
    PNR Number is what you get with your ticket. In fact, it is the first information on your ticket. If you've a CNF (confirmed seat on train) PNR Number is almost useless. But, when you've a WL/RAC ticket (Waitlist or Reservation-Against-Cancellation) PNR Number is crucial. We've a detailed post on it, as part of our Super-Guide. Check PNR Status
  • Bad Weather and Train Cancellation
    Bad weather is inevitable, and so are cancelled trains! Two days back, 8 trains were cancelled. But you don't have to call Railway helpline, or stand in queues to know if your train has been cancelled. You can know it online. How? Right here at Cancelled Trains
  • Why you should know the Train Time Table
    Every year Indian Railway releases a handbook, "Trains at a Glance" It details about schedule of every train in India. Be it Rajdhani Express or Shatabdi. People have created apps. Why so much for "Train Time-table?" Because train Time-table is important. Find Train Time Table
  • Know if your train is late from Train Running Status
    This is a nifty feature - one of the most useful! Ever went to railway station, only to find your train was late? You had to wait anywhere between 15 minutes to half-an-hour. What if - you already knew the train was late (right from your home)? You could sleep 15 minutes extra (if it was a morning train), or not skip your breakfast (if it was a day train). Turns out, you can! Look at Train Running Status
  • Train Enquiry about Where the train is right now
    Did I tell you about Train Running Status? Train Enquiry is same. Train Enquiry helps you with: Where is your train right now? So if your train is running right now, check its status here. You'll know at which station your train is. Do some Train Enquiry
  • All Trains Status and What good is it
    Want to know about every train, that comes at your station? - All trains status. Going on its page, you'll find just 1 field: station code. Put in the station code, and you'll know about all trains running from that station. For example, for new Delhi railway station, write NDLS. You'll know every train running from NDLS. Here's All Trains Status
  • Check Seat Availability and no more calling railway helpline
    What do you do before booking a ticket? Check for seats! No seats means no tickets. In the old days we used to call railway helpline, ask for seats. Many people call railway helpline, they are -almost - always busy. Fortunately, for your next trip, you can check Seat Availability
  • Your Information hub for Train Fares
    Whenever we discuss some "trip" plan with our friends, the foremost question on our mind is: How much will it cost? We handle this too! Check out how to find Train Fare
  • Find Multiple Trains Between Stations
    Are you planning to go home? Or planning a trip to Srinagar? Train between stations helps you with finding trains to a particular place. Be it Srinagar, or your hometown, every train that runs between those stations, will be known to you. If you're interested, find all Trains Between Stations
What this guide is for...
This is a guide for your help regarding Indian Railway , or any confusion to churn out all your confusion. It will act like your manual to Trains and

Best of luck for your next journey.