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Know what is your Train Running Status

Let's say, you plan a journey to somewhere. You turn at the station on time - but the train doesn't. It turns out, it's almost an hour late. Don't we hate, when it's the train that is not on time. Nevertheless, what if you already knew it was late? You could be in your bed and turn an hour later with the train! It turns out, you can. Yes, you can already know if your train is late (or early). At we teach you to do just that!

Say hello to Train Running Status

There is a great but unused service provided by our railways - Train Running Status. So if I'm about to catch a train, I could know at what time it reached the station before me. It was an hour late to reach the station before me, it would reach at least 45 minutes late at my station. This useful information, saves me 45 minutes of sitting at railway station. Isn't that great?

How to check Train Running Status ?

  • Open Train Running Status is provided by IRCTC itself, and many other websites. But for an uncomplicated experience, log onto Open it up.
  • Select "Train Running Status": Opening up you'll find our grid of 9 icons. Each icon represents a service we provide. Amidst those, your eyes will fall on a icon that says, "Train Running Status" - click it.
  • Fill the simplest form - ever: Clicking "Train Running Status", you'll come to our simplest form (ever). Only one field. Fill the field with your train code, or Train Name (and then selecting your train from the drop down menu). Click Submit.
  • Check if your train is late: This page will tell you at which station right now. The station it has left are indicated with a departed. The station it is at right now will be marked arrived. You'll see a column which says, Delay/Early. What does this column say at the station-before-you? Is it 12 min in red, or 5 min in green, or is there nothing written at all? The red color says train was 12 minutes late, and green color means the train was 5 minutes early (minutes are examples). And if the area is blank, it means that the train hasn't reached there yet.
Checking this website half an hour before actually leaving for station saves you a lot of time. And more so, if your train is often late (or early). For example, our least punctual train Guwahati-Trivandrum express is late on average of 11 hours. Imagine what help could this trick could be for them!