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Train Time-table and Trains at a Glance

Trains at a glance is a book published by Indian Railways every year. They cut a miniscule part of their budget, and put it for "Trains at a Glance." Every year. What is so special about that book? Read on...

Train Time Table keeps each train's schedule, squeezed between its pages. From Kalka-Shatabdi to Howrah-Amritsar Express, it keeps them all. And they are published years and years, because they are important. Train Time-table can ruin havoc, or make your journey much better. Because when you don't even know when your train will depart - how are you supposed to catch it?! But times are a-changing. You no more read books, to reach stations on time. We detail down how train-time tables stand today.

The future of Train Time-table

Only in 2015, train time tables were changed. Perhaps to increase the sales of Trains at Glance. Tough, we strongly feel it is not the future of Train schedules. Much better services are readily available like (that's us!)

Nevertheless, let us check how to find your train's schedule online.

How to Find Train Time Table ?

Train Time-table might be better called Train Timings. Because that's what it is. A chart for your train departure time and arrival time. Below are a bunch of simple steps, that'll make you know when to catch the train for your next trip.

  • Open Home page has 9 icons. If that is what you stumble upon - welcome to our site! We provide everything from PNR Status to info about cancelled trains. Click on the 3rd icon (it says "Train Timetable"). Or click on this link to skip this step.
  • Enter Your Train's Code: Train's code is something like a Roll Number - the one you might have had in your school. Don't know your train's code? No Problem Enter train name here. For example, if I'm searching for "Kalka-Shatabdi" I'll put "12011" or "Kalka" in the box (as that is Kalka-Shatabdi's code). Click submit.
  • Decoding the table: As you click submit, the bottom of the page churns out a table for you. The table has the names of all the stations, as well as arrival and departure time for each of those. Which station are you supposed to sit on the train? Is it on the table? Check that row. On that row, arrival time indicates the time of entering the station, and departure time indicates train leaving the station.
In short, it might help you with catching the train on time. And perhaps stop the sales of Trains at a Glance. We hope you found the article helpful. And deem ourselves very worthy to help you with it. For the ones who loved the essay, don't forget to check our Super-Guide on Trains.