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The Indian Railway Seat Availability Guide

Indian Railway transports almost 2.5 Crore passengers daily. It's website gets about 12 lakh hits everyday. With such mayhem, seat availability is a thing to be aware about. You go to a railway website, select your locations, the comes seat availability. In the old days, it was much harder. You walked to reservation office. Went through all the hassle enquiring about seat availability. And some people still do. Today, we'll make finding seats for you, much easier.

When to check seats?

There are plethora of websites that help you with PNR status, train running status and seat availability! So does ours. We provide you any information about your train with an impeccable simplicity. IRCTC provides seat availability 120 days (4 months) in advance. For Tatkal and Tatkal/Premium it is 2 days. And if you're a lady, insist on ladies quota, you can check your seats 6 days in advance.

How to Check Seat Availability ?

Are you at your home? Reading this from a mobile? Come with me, we'll together check seat availability.

  • Open : Checking seats on IRCTC is a hectic job. You've to be a genius to figure out half of their features. In comparison, we've made checking seat availability on is much simpler. Open it up.
  • Select "Seat Availability": As you open, you'll find yourself surrounded with 9 options. Ranging from "Train Running Status" to "Cancelled Trains." Amidst those, you'll find "Seat Availability." Click on it (duh?!).
  • Where do you plan to go?: On the next page, you've four spaces labeled from "from station code" to date of your journey. So let us say, I plan to Delhi to Kolkata on February 14 (interesting!). I'd put station code of Delhi in the first field (DLI). And Kolkata's station code on the next (KOAA).
  • Which class are you going in?: The next two fields, are about what class do you plan to check seats of. Do you want to know available tickets of AC 1st class, 2nd class, or go with the economy option? The drop down menu of third field is your space for selecting it.
  • In which week are you going?: Are you going on 16th February? Then select the first option that says, "13 February, 2016 to 27 February, 2016." Or maybe you're planning your next trip for 2nd March (are you?). Then you could select the next option that says, "28th February, 2016 to 13th March, 2016." So you get the idea?
  • The last step: Now you've the form filled, and you've clicked "submit." Now you'll get a chart, with corresponding dates and the train names.
That's how you check seat availability at our minimalistic site. The process is not so long as the points above make it seem. In fact, you just fill a form and click submit. For your comfort and ease, we've detailed every step. Our site is relatively new, and it will only get better.