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You could be going to your home, or planning a trip to Goa (as I am) - Train Fares are a thing to know. There are plethora of websites offering the service. But IRCTC's (Indian Railway) website is way too complicated. Your best bets are MakeMyTrip or Yatra. They offer a much simpler interface. Of all these sites, one is ours: You can check Train Fares in an instant! The interface is wickedly simple. This essay is all about checking your train fares. Come with us - take a read.

How to check Train Fares ?

It was year 1859 when the first train ran from Mumbai to Thane. Train fares must have been a lot cheap then. Then trains spread throughout India. Today millions of people travel everyday by train. 12 lakh people visit IRCTC to book trains. Train fares are much higher.

Amidst this chaos, we've created a Zen experience with You can easily check Train Fares. Read on, to know how.

  • Open Open a new tab. Go to You'll find this winsome website in light blue color. Our website offers many train services ranging from PNR Status to Cancelled Trains. There are nine options, of which, the seventh is train fare. Click on it.
  • Fill the Station Names: On the next page is a big 7-field form. But don't push your computer out the window, yet. We'll guide you through each step. The first two boxes are for station names. So if you're going from Delhi to Mumbai, put Delhi in the first box. A drop down menu will appear with name of all train stations of Delhi - select yours. Do the same with Mumbai.
  • Train Name & Date of Journey: The next 2 fields are for Train name, and the date you plan to travel. So, you're going in train Bhopal Shatabdi? Enter Bhopal Shatabdi. A drop down menu will appear with all kinds of trains - select Shatabdi. The fourth field is about your date of journey. Select your date, from our beautiful calendar.
  • Select Train Class and Age: The 5th field is for train class. Do you plan to go while sleeping? Select Sleeper class. Or in the AC class? Select AC first class. The next field is about age. Are you an adult or a senior citizen? Select your category.
  • "General" or "Tatkal" ?: The last field is for general and tatkal. The difference is if you're booking tickets at the last minute, "Tatkal" is a better choice than "General." But in most cases, you should select general. Filling in this form, click submit. You'll find your fare details.
Train fares are a thing to worry about. Feel free to explore our site. We provide everything from PNR Status to Train Time-table.