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Ever been to a railway station during rainy days - to leave for your hometown, or for a trip? Most of all, the train turns out to be late. Late by 10 minutes, or late by 15. What if you already knew the train was late? It can be a life-saver in cold weather. Trains are often late when there is fog, or it is raining. It could save you 10 minutes, or maybe half-an-hour. You could know right from your home, if your train is going to be late!

To help you in such situation we have a service called Train Enquiry. It is quite similar to Train Running Status. It can tell you if your train is going to be 10 minutes late - or 15 minutes early! No matter if you're taking the fastest train (Bhopal Shatabdi) or slowest. Just go to and you'll never waste your time on railway station again!

  • Go to This is where you'll know the time when your train will come at your station. But there are plethora of services here. You'll find 9 icons. Click the first one - which says "Train Enquiry"
  • Put the Train number: On the next page there are two fields: Train Number / Train Name is one of them. Every train has a different number. For example: Bhopal Shatabdi, the fastest train in India, has the number 12001. Put the train mumber or enter a few starting letter of train name and list will show. Select your train form it.
  • Put the date: Put trains starting date from Origin. Checking Train enquiry is only good enough if your train is arriving within next hour. If you have a train for tomorrow, don't check today. Check tomorrow, 3-4 hour before the train arrives.
  • Check, check, check: Now is the time to check. You'll receive a list stations of your train. The stations it has reached (and left behind) will be marked departed in red. The station it is at will be marked: arrived in green.
  • Also Check the station before your station. Is it arrived, departed or blank? If it is arrived or departed, look at the the third last box. It indicates delay. A 3m indicates your train was 3 minutes late on the last station. A 30m is a 30 minutes delay. But if the arrived/departed box is blank, your train hasn't reached the station before you.
That's how you do it. It certainly seems complicated, but is not so. Once you do it, you'll find it much easier. It is very similar to checking Train Running Status, which we've extensively covered. You might find it helpful.