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All Trains Status - Every train that goes from your Station

All packed, you're just running around to catch your train. It was just that you woke up late! Anyways - you miss the train. That's where all trains status comes in. You can immediately know, if there are any more trains going to the same destination. Here is how it goes.

Let us say, you missed your train at the New Delhi Railway Station (Station Code - NDLS). You put NDLS into our website and... ta-da! Every train going through New Delhi Railway Station (in next 4 hours) is displayed in your browser! You can easily check if anyone of them is going to your destination. And book a seat onto it too. Welcome to our guide to All Trains Status and it's usefulness.

How to check All Trains Status ?

You might guess this facility is also offered by IRCTC's branch - National Train Enquiry System. We might've usually said, their site is buggy and not easy to use. But they've improved a lot. Nevertheless, our website is much easier on the eyes, with its minimalistic aesthetics.

Let us begin:
  • Open Type into your address bar, You'll come to a light blue, nine optioned interface. Amidst nine options, click on the 6th option that says, "All Trains Status." Or click this link, and skip this whole step.
  • Enter Station Code: On the next page, you'll be intrigued by the presence of only one field: "Station Name or Code." Enter your station code. Search Google for your station name, and you'll find the code most often in the first 2 links. Put that code here. Of course you could put the station name directly here. But that feature doesn't get along so well. After putting the station code/name, click Submit.
  • Reading the results: The results are displayed in a complex, table like structure. So for a newbie, they might be harsh. So it is important on how to understand those results. So, for example, right now at 5:30 (in the evening), I type NDLS (code for New Delhi Railway Station). What I'm getting is a list of 31 trains that'll depart in next hours. Arrival time means the moment train enters your station; and departure time means when train exits your station.
To summarize it all...

That's all for today. And if you find our servers down or any kind of bugginess (like sometimes we do) - feel free to check from IRCTC's website. Our first job is to help you, not have people see our websites all day. Anymore trouble with trains? Check out our Super-Guide right here!