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Bad Weather and Checking for Cancelled Trains

If you're from Delhi you'd love rains. Rainy days make for cool evenings. But did you know, rain also makes for cancelled trains? Trains are cancelled throughout the country during rain and fog. You might go waiting for a train, that might not come at all!

Coming so far from your home, waiting for a cancelled train, is pitiful! Wouldn't it be nice, if you could already know from home, your train was cancelled? At you can do just that. It might just save you a trip to railway station!'s Guide to Checking Cancelled Trains

There are not many websites for cancelled trains. A Google search of "Check Cancelled Trains" will take you to news or an IRCTC page. But our website does have it! So if there is fog, harsh winter or perhaps an hailstorm - you can check and easily know which trains are cancelled today.

How to find Cancelled Trains ?

Here's how:

  • Open If you're reading this, you're already on If you're not - click here. You'll find nine services on home page. The last option of which is, cancelled trains. Click on it.
  • Select date: You'll find a deceptively simple form with a barely one field - date. Today's date would be already selected. If you're checking cancelled trains for tomorrow, select tomorrow's date. Click submit - you're done.
  • Going through cancelled trains: After clicking submit, you'll find a list of 50 or more cancelled trains today. Yes, a lot of trains are cancelled. And it is strenuous to find your train among 50 others. If you're on a computer, press Ctrl+F (you'll open a find window). Enter the first station of train you're looking for. For example, I'm checking for "Toofan Express" (yes, there is such a train). Type "Toofan" in the find window. You'll find your train sooner this way.
Simply said...

This is how you check for a cancelled train. It is mighty useful in winter and monsoon. You'll save much time! Anyways - did you know, winters are much harsher in America? You might find White House covered in snow. There should be more cancelled trains in America than in here. India is much better!

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